Secret Asian Tunnels

First things first: Fresno has a Chinatown, right in the downtown area near Chukchansi Park. Of course, this is Fresno we’re talking about, so barely anyone knows it’s there. It is a bit abandoned and is now congregated with much homeless people. It’sakso mostly closed off due to HSR (high speed rail) construction, yet another blow to this area.

Despite this, there are still some buinsnesses there, and it has some historical significance. One of them is tunnels, discovered by a team of archaeologists using ground penetrating radar. These tunnels are believed to have connected to other parts of the city (if not just the Chinatown).

A big purpose of this was so that people from the white side of town could access Chinese speakeasies, but also brothels, opium, and gambling parlors. However, most of these entrances/tunnels have been sealed shut, and are undoubtedly in heavy neglect. Nevertheless, some of the tunnels can be explored and tours can be arranged. Chinatown also has some historical buildings as well, all of which can be discovered at their website.