Shut yer pie hole!

Not really. I just have always wanted to say that. Lol. Urban Dictionary defines PIE HOLE as, “The facial orafice into which one shoves pie and other food items (ie: the mouth). The gay dictionary probably broadens that definition just a little bit but, alas, I digress! 😛

One of the things that Ronan and I have been doing during our sheltering in place time is take the opportunity to ravage through our Netflix que and, of course, drink….alot. We are also taking the time and making the effort to try new stuff. Pie Hole Canadian flavored whiskey was added to our liquor collection last week via my favorite aunt. Thanks Angie!!! 🙂

I give Pie Hole a great big giant two thumbs up! I love the quirky name. I love the marketing and branding behind it. I think, “Pie-oneering” whiskey is super clever and a lot fun. We got to try their apple and pecan variations. It’s 35% alcohol by volume (or 70 proof) so it definitely has a kick to it. I’m a big fan of flavored cocktails and mixed with some Coke Zero you have a winning combination.