Splash nightclub might actually be coming to Fresno

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the (almost) urban legend that Splash nightclubs is opening up a location in Fresno, California. Personally, I’ve been hearing this seemingly tall tale since 2010. Then I heard they had bought a building in the Tower and were going to renovate it and open right on Olive Ave in the heart of the Tower. You learn to let things go in one ear and out of the other when you’re running an info outlet like the old Queer Fresno and now, the NEW Gay Central Valley.

I was in the Tower today and I almost fell over in disbelief when I caught a glimpse of hope that another viable club option might be coming to gay Fresno. I didn’t have time to stop and see if there was any other info posted on the front door or windows but this seemed to be real tangible proof that some of the gossip and stories about Splash coming to Fresno might be true. I know we are all a from cry from being able to club and dine and travel like we want but maybe months down the road or maybe 2021 we’ll have another credible option to grab a drink and dance and hang out with our peeps like we are wont to do as LGBTQ+ folk!

I checked out the Splash nightclub website and couldn’t find any info posted about the new Fresno location. I shot off an email tonight through the site and I’ll update this article or post another blog depending on their response. So stay tuned for more.

1 thought on “Splash nightclub might actually be coming to Fresno”

  1. A real gay club/bar is definitely in much need in Fresno. I hope this plan doesn’t end up going to shit because of COVID-19.

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