There is a brand-new Starbucks location that just opened up this month in downtown Fresno. I was excited to stop off and check it out and grab me a cup of Joe. I did and I’ll never go back.

The building is cute and new and modern and trendy; all good things if you ask me. I ordered my customary Starbucks order: A tall, peppermint mocha, no whip, extra hot and all was well. Until I paid for it. I was speechless. It cost $6.75. I was blow away. Almost $7 for a tall (small) cup of handcrafted java?

Granted, it’s been months since I’ve really paid attention to what I was paying for my customary hot cup of coffee. Maybe, I’ve been sleepwalking, maybe I haven’t been as tuned in to what I’ve been paying because I was making a lot more money a few years ago. $7? Really!? Starbucks…please!

I won’t ever be back.