Stigma Free Fresno

Many resources have gone into physically combatting COVID-19, but despite that, the pandemic rages on. As a result, many services have seemingly slowed down or stopped, be it courts, business, and especially mental health services. Being shut in for months on end and not being able to socialize or access to other important services is definietely not healthy for us. Even before the pandemic, those with mental health challenges already had barriers in obtaining help.

Fresno County is still providing mental health services. However, a large barrier prevents people from seeking help: Stigma. Stigma is more profound with debilitating mental challenges such as schizophrenic, bipolar disorder, and depression. Fresno County’s campaign, Stigma Free Fresno, aims to dissolve stigma so that everyone can get the help they want or need. Please visit the link in the button above to obtain resources and services, and to spread awareness and positivity to curb stigma.