Stone brewing Tiki Escape Mix Pack Review

Stone Brewing is a beer brewery based in San Diego, in which I’m more than happy to try Californian beers. Their Tiki Escape mix pack box consists of four different beers: three IPAs and one lager. As one may astutely observe, these beers are summer themed.

Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager

Lagers are a variant of beer that seem to pair quite well with salt and lime. You’ve likely seen hundreds of commercials about adding lime to a Corona Extra. Stone’s Buenaveza Salt & Lime lager is even an even better lager for this task. It is smooth and light, and possesses light limey notes that start both on the tongue and nose, accompanied with the essence of ocean. Nothing stops you from enhancing it further by adding a lime, and some more salt for taste. What I think makes even better than Corona Extra is the packaging; Corona Extra packages their bottled beers in clear glass. No beer brewery uses clear glass for a reason; UV light can easily react with beer and give it a skunk like smell and taste.

Tangerine Express Hazy IPA

This is one of the “easiest” IPAs to drink (especially for beginners) – there are actual tangerine particles in it that lend the beer a slightly sweet and smooth finish, on top of its IPA traits of being crisp and bitter. The hazy appearance seems to serve as an aesthetic trait to make the beer appear naturally “fruity” (as in cloudy, like orange juice), which also obscures the floating orange particles. Good idea, since many would freak out seeing particles suspended all over their beer.

Scorpian Bowl IPA

A most unusual and unique IPA. It is a slightly sweet, citrusy and floral IPA. The kick they mention seems to come from a pinesol like aroma and taste that greets and leaves the tongue. This beer is much better when paired with food, particulary with “tropical” flavors (coconut icecream anyone?). It tastes even better if you’ve seen the cocktail it is named after

A scorpian bowl. I recomend you google it.

Tiki escape IPA

This IPA in the pack is the most traditional IPA, except for the sorcery in which the hops simulate the tastes of tropical elements, such as pineapple and coconut (similar to Firestone’s Luponic Distortion). Definetely for those who want something familiar, yet different.