Stop the ridiculous republican recall

I donated to the Gavin Newsom campaign last week in support of his efforts to beat back the TOTALY PARTISAN and TOTALLY REPUBLICAN effort to recall our governor. I had totally forgotten there was a bumper sticker promotion that went with the donation email I responded to. I was very pleasantly surprised and super proud when I got my official STOP THE REPUBLICAN RECALL swag!

While it looks as though the recall effort has succeeded in securing enough signatures to force the special recall election and put it on the ballot we also know who his challenger will be. Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Olympic star and legend Bruce Jenner, has announced her plans to challenge Gavin Newsom in November. So there you have it. The table has been set and this will be our collective political lives as big name Republican donors OUTSIDE of our state try and dethrone a liberal lion.

First of all, who in the hell can take Caitlyn Jenner seriously? She is a transgender wannabe icon who sides with a party that still demonizes and discriminates against the LGBTQ+ community. Log Cabin Republicans, Caitlyn, and all other self-hating self-loathing queers who shame themselves by latching on to a party and a platform who hates us and doesn’t see us at equal citizens are an utter embarrassment to our community. She endorsed and supported The Donald in last year’s election and has zero credibility, rightfully so, with the vast majority of liberally minded and equality seeking voters.

Throw on top of that the recall effort is being financed by and large by out of state money, most notably from Mike Huckabee and Coke Industries, it’s not hard to see what our job is in 2021. We need to beat back and stop this Republican attempt to do in a special election, charged with emotion and lies and pandemic tragedies, what they did to Gray Davis with the rolling blackouts.