Urge supervisors to appoint James Kus tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb 23rd)

This is hot off the press! Apparently Brandi Orth is resigning from her post at the Fresno County Clerk and Registrar. This recommendation comes from our local chapter of Fresno Stonewall Democrats:

Please email and/or call the 5 Fresno County supervisors to urge them to appoint James Kus to replace Brandi Orth, who is resigning as County Clerk/Registrar. The position is an elected one, but because she is resigning before her current term expires, a replacement must be appointed until the next election. The Board of Supervisors is responsible for the appointment. The appointment will be made in a closed session next Tuesday, Feb 23.

There has been talk that the right-wing members of the Board want to appoint a right-wing partisan named Mark Johnson to the position.

Please write and call all of the supervisors and urge them to appoint James Kus, the current Assistant Clerk/Registrar, who is recommended by Orth herself. He has the expertise and experience to administer elections fairly, and he is non-partisan.

Send an email to: [email protected] and note the meeting date and agenda item number along with your comments:

• Board Meeting Date FEB 23 2021
• Item Number AGENDA ITEM #17
• Comments

The meeting starts at 9am on Tuesday Feb 23, and in-person public comments are scheduled for 11am. It is said that the supervisors refuse to wear masks, so appear in person at your own risk. It is also said that they ignore written comments, but if they are deluged with them, they are likely to take notice.

Email addresses/phone #s for each supervisor:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Pacheco 1 (559-600-1000)
Brandau 2 (559-600-2000)
Quintero 3 (559-600-3000)
Mendes 4 (559-600-4000)
Magsig 5 (559-600-5000)

The physical location of the Board meeting is
Fresno County Hall of Records
2281 Tulare Street, Room 301
Fresno, CA 93721

Please write & call! And show up on Feb 23 if you feel safe.