Governor Gavin Newsom makes brief appearance at yesterday’s DNC

Governor Gavin Newsom’s appearance was brief, but his speech was informative and effective. Throughout, Newsom makes a few points.

Climate change. The severe thunderstorm CA experienced (mostly affecting the Bay area) was a “dry” thunderstorm; a general lack of rain, but a large amount of lightning strikes, numbering over 11,000 strikes that have caused over 370 wildfires. This freak of nature was exacerbated by climate change, particularly with the intense heat (hottest on record) and dryness that California experiences in the summer.

Then of course, Trump. Trump and the Trump led GOP have always been largely to blame for California’s shortcomings, especially with his denial of science in practically every regard, from climate change, natural disasters, and disease. Trump not only harms California by ignorance and stupidity, but also (he makes it no secret he hates California) has reduced or withheld essential funding for us, simply because we didn’t vote for him.

Realistically, you will always have about half of the country that did not vote for you; to use this as a reason to bully people that didn’t vote for you is simply immoral and childish. We really need Biden and Kamala, so that they can repair the extensive damage Trump has caused (like a certain disease…). They will get science, education, morality, and integrity back into the minds of most Americans, rebuild relations with our allies, and to challenge evil entities, such as Putin.