Fresno County Wine Journey event

Fresno County’s Wine Journey has a special event that occurs three times a year. For the upcoming event on November 13th & 14th, 12pm-5pm, 14 members out of 15 will be participating. Please note that 2 of the members are breweries. The only distillery in the bunch, Marian Farms, is the one member that won’t be participating.

During the event, those who wish to participate ought to purchase a wristband for $35 at any of the locations (you can get it for $25 if you happen to be a wine club member, just get the wristband at that winery!). The wristband will give you 3-5 tastings at each and every stop, which to me, sounds like a great bargain (I also just love to sample everything!).

Don’t feel overwhelmed, the wristband lasts for the entire weekend, so you could get 7 done Saturday, and 7 done Sunday! All participating wineries (I dunno about the breweries) also will be celebrating fall with live music, local vendors and delicious food for purchase. Last but not least, don’t forget a glass for the tastings! If you do, you can still purchase a glass at the stops. Drive safe, have a designated driver!