Fresno City Council walks out on Bredefeld

Bredefeld may not put on the makeup, perhaps in fear of how much he’ll like it, but he’s Fresno’s official racist, transphobic and homophobic clown. He is a darling of Christian Nationalists and a staunch follower of Trump’s very low standards of public officials. His boring repetitive drool about how drag queens are a danger to children showed just how many friends he has on the council – none. More embarrisingly, he continued to speak, and was interrupted by the City Clerk, noting the lack of quorum.

He can try and hide his face, but that’s Rick Fitzgerald, former police offiicer, now fired.

He still continued to speak despite the meeting having been put on hold, all on live stream. He wasn’t having a stroke, but was being a drama queen and putting on a show for his real audience: Christian Nationalists, Proud Boys, etc. Speaking of which, the “Proud Boys” are performing anti-LGBT mobilization, including in Fresno, as PB members “counter protest” drag shows. A former Police Officer, Rick Fitzgerald, was part of the protest; former because he was fired after the fact. Yikes.