Who is Cary Catalano?

We are glad you asked! Cary Catalano is an openly gay candidate running for Fresno City Council District 1, challenging incumbent Esmeralda Soria. Both are Democrats. Cary Catalano brings the life experience and proven results necessary to do the job on day one.

Cary is a business owner and fiscally responsible leader who works extensively with nonprofits to improve our region for decades. He has depth of knowledge in a range of issues facing our community from homelessness and education to housing and economic development.

Cary Catalano would be the first openly gay candidate to win a seat on the city council and Esmeralda Soria was the first women to get elected in District 1…ever. If you’d like to know more about Mr. Catalano and his campaign you can make the jump to his official candidate site by clicking the button below.

Fresno City Council clears the way for historic pride flag raising

Fresno City Council voted to transfer approval authority to them clearing the path for a historic event: The first ever pride flag raising at City Hall in honor of Pride Month next month. It was a hotly contentious and spirited debate that pitted sides against each other in a sometimes angry war of words. I have conflicting dates for the ceremony at City Hall but when I nail that down I’ll pass it along forthwith.

Check out local news coverage of last night’s vote.

In typical red meat conservative bigotry and hate I got a hold of an official GOP memo spewing filth and fearmongering in what has become standard Republican garb.

Obviously we know that this memo isn’t worth the time it took to write it but that’s not the saddest thing about it. These are the same old foolish and faulty arguments right wing conservatives have been making for decades. They are doubling down on hate and discrimination and division while their knuckles are glowing white as they desperately grasp at straws, reality, and their hold on power and influence.

Chukchansi Park in downtown Fresno won’t renew naming rights

The Fresno Grizzlies, who were recently demoted from Triple A team to Single A, just got some bad news. Chukchansi Casino has finished paying off their naming rights contract with the Grizzlies’s stadium, Chukchansi Park, and will not renew, after 15 years. Thankfully, there’s also good news. Fresno City Council has reduced the rent of the stadium to $100K from $500K, with the city also willing to pay the first $300K of utility bills for the Grizzlies; of course, the city will receive some of the Grizzlies’s profit, though after a threshhold The MLB has also guaranteed that the Grizzlies will remain in the minor league through at least 2030. I wonder who, if anyone, will sign a naming rights deal with the Grizzlies to rename the former Chukchansi Park.