Fruitland’s Pink Beer Review

Fruitland’s Modern Times Beer Rose Edition, or simply put, pink beer, is a sour beer. Even the beer can is pink, and is probably the most queer looking beer can I’ve ever seen. Despite its name as a Fruitlands beer and its fruity pink/red color, this beer isn’t as fruity as one would expect. It has a “salty” base, which is reminiscent of Stone Brewing‘s Salt & Lime Lager; just much more complex. It is mostly sour and tart, owing to the sour cherries and lemons. Then a very subtle sweetness from raspberries, and a slight bitterness from cranberries, which is on par with mild IPAs.

The beer sure does look like a Rose wine.

Because of its salty base, to me, this beer is like a naturally brewed fruity michelada, which is a Mexican beer cocktail composing of a lager beer (Corona Extra or Modelo Especial), tomato/clam juice, spices, and salt. With this in mind, I think the beer would be a great substitute for a lager in the super michelada cocktail; of course, I’ll have to try it for myself to truly find out. For [curious] beer drinkers looking for something that’s fruity, smooth, and not sour, I’d recommend Tioga-Sequoia’s Half Dome.

The descriptive side of the beer provides modest details.