LOL: Jewel Hurtado’s recall fail

Jewel Hurtado is a progressive council member of Kingsburg. She had gained significant attention this past summer regarding a LGBTQ+ proposal that the rest of the city council rejected. As a progressive, she had been a vocal supporter against Gavin Newsom’s recall as well. This pretty much reminded the conservative crazies that she’s a progressive, so they attempted a recall attempt against her, which failed last month. With the reasons were that she had “Marxist/socialist agenda”, it’s no surprise sane human beings didn’t want to waste time and resources with a recall.


Urgent support needed in Kingsburg, California tommorrow

It looks as though a fight is brewing in Kingsburg, California over an LGBTQ+ pride month resolution that will go before the city council. The pride proposal has caught the attention of the Fresno County Republican Party and its chairperson. This is hot off the press from Fresno Stonewall Democrats…

Kingsburg City Council Woman and Fresno Stonewall member, Jewel Hurtado needs our support! Republicans are organizing to defeat her Pride proposal. LGBTQ voices need to be heard, even in Kingsburg, because we are everywhere! Please get the word out!

Marsha Conant, Fresno Stonewall President

It seems as though the anti-gay (Republican) party chairperson, Frank Zanderhoof, has tomorrow’s city council meeting in his target scope. Check out the statement he sent out today regarding the local pride proposal…

To all Conservatives:

•There is an urgent need to attend a Kingsburg City Council meeting tomorrow, Wed, May 19th (1401 Draper St. Kingsburg, CA 93631)

•LGBTQ activists (many from out of town) are planning to ask the Kingsburg City Council to establish one full month to honor the LGBTQ community, including a parade and flags on City Hall

•In these types of meetings it is common for a City Council to be pressured into voting for the requests/demands of the group that has the greatest number of people attending.

•Speakers are needed, however, even if you don’t speak your presence is very important.

•The meeting begins at 6 PM, but it’s a good idea to arrive around 5 PM.

You’re welcome to spread the word!

Thank you,

Fred Vanderhoof, Fresno County Republican Party Chairman