Fresno Merced Visalia

Idle Hour Winery: Sauvignon Blanc

Mike and I were strolling around for some wine tasting in the Central Valley, and came around to a location that was previously closed (due to initial COVID-19 shutdown), Idle Hour’s Winery & Kitchen. I have to be honest, I don’t really remember what the Sauvingnon Blanc tastes or smell like and forgot to make notes of its flavor and aroma. I just know that if I bought the bottle after the wine tasting experience at Idle Hour’s Winery & Kitchen then I must’ve liked it. Instead, there’s something else interesting about the wine — The splash art.

“One I Love”

The art on Idle Hour’s wine bottles are intriguing and add a layer of complexity to the wine. This is an interesting contrast to other wine bottles, which will usually feature a simple graphic, some text, and a logo. So, not only is wine making and drinking an art, but so is the bottle design! The art piece is titled “One I Love”, by Tim Cantor. I will be most certain to keep my tongue out to tasting the Sauvingon Blanc so that I can review the wine, since I myself couldn’t find any wine reviews for Idle Hour’s wines.