Body found in canals near The Outlets at Tejon

If you’ve ever headed South from the central valley down to the I-5 or the 99, chances are you’ve seen or visited the Outlets at Tejon, with Bakersfield being the closest major city to it, and is also just a few miles away from the infamous stretch of the highway known as the Grapevine (or Tejon Pass). Just one kilometer south of it is a canal. As if this was a scene from a serial killer film, a body was found in the water. An investigation is ongoing with virtually no details available. Shockingly, another dead body (a missing woman) was found in a Fresno canal recently. In Bakersfield last year in January a man was found dead in a canal in Bakersfield. Human remains were also discovered later in January of this year. Feeling a little spooked here, Central Valley.

Featured image my own work. Source: KGET (NBC)