Spectrum Art Gallery presents On The Way Here

The Spectrum Art Gallery (whose focus is on photography as an art), located in Fresno’s Tower District, is running a new exhibit from photographer Richard Harrison. The gallery will be open today (every first Thursday of the month) 4pm-8pm. The gallery will regularly open on Friday 4pm-8pm, Saturday & Sunday 1pm-5pm.

Now a note from Richard Harrison:

After being a photographer for over fifty years, the last couple of years I have become interested in the Botanical World. Up until now I had spent very little time taking pictures of flowers. Not that I didn’t enjoy flowers, but I had other interests, never really taking time to explore this fascinating area of photography. The first series was by accident and the fact that all my wife’s irises were in blossom. A great subject to start the process. After photographing irises for a week or so, until their flowery show dwindled, I started looking around the yard for more willing subjects. And there were plenty! It was at this time the beauty of “weeds” took root.

After my first few encounters with the wonderful world of weeds, I started to take a closer look. To my surprise, the beauty of weeds, in all their glory, began twinkling before the camera’s lens. “The Travels of WoeBear,” is a special section of this exhibit. WoeBear is a loving, magical, odd little Dog who wandered about during the last plague digging up secrets of the Dog Universe. Some (but not all) of WoeBear’s adventures and encounters are shown here.

“Stuff from Old Boxes,” as the name implies, are pictures from the past, using film, chemicals and what was known as silver gelatin paper. Numerous techniques and processes were used, including a camera that, outwardly, wasn’t doing much more than making a clicking sound. Thank you for taking time to visit; not just my exhibit, but to enjoy all the wonderful images created by other photographers of Spectrum Art Gallery.