In person college classes are coming back, but not without mandatory vaccinations.

College campuses, unlike K-12 educational institutions have had substantially less in person attendance, in which the facilities were practically empty except for essential staff members and certain services provided to students. Fresno City College (CCC, California Community College) and Fresno State (CSU, California State University) are expected to hold in person classes for the upcoming fall semester.

However, with the rise of the delta variant, COVID-19 vaccinations are now going to be mandatory. All CSUs and CCCs currently enforce this rule, as do many other institutions (500+) across the country. But for whatever reason, some “students” are opposing the mandated vaccinations. How stupid; did we just not endure hundreds of thousands of causalities and a crippled economy? Now we’re finally finally in the throes of recovering (thanks to vaccinations and other COVID-19 measures) only for people to make a u-turn back into the pandemic?

Featured image: Anti-vaxxer Alyssa Jones, as seen in the linked article.

Fresno City College is getting a parking structure!

I am a student at Fresno City College (FCC), which is a part of the State Center Community College District (SCCCD) that also operates 3 other colleges in Madera, Clovis, and Reedley. For 9 months, us students cannot take classes in person at campus. (Students who do come at FCC) would be here for just one reason, the Ram Pantry, a service at FCC that provides free food for students.) As I have only been focused with classes online, I was completely oblivious to the fact that FCC is building a parking structure. This was at October 15th, which had a follow up groundbreaking event 5 days later. This will be a most useful and very welcome addition to all students, as parking at FCC is one of the few banes that plague students.

Parking is a nightmare because the lots are often full, and as soon as there is an open spot, other students will scramble to it like vultures descending on a carcass. That’s a shame, because it makes parking passes feel worthless, and has made me late for classes a few times (I would have to account for up to an additional 30 minutes). The parking structure’s construction is set to be finished a year from now in December. It will be 5 levels high, with 862 new parking stalls, complete with 40 EV charging stations. FCC has the most students enrolled compared to the 3 other colleges, so it only makes sense to add much more parking.