Kingsburg City Council rejects pride month proposal.

Mike had written a blog about the Kingsburg City Council and its Pride Month & Flag proposal on May 18, of which caught the attention of the homophobic party. Well, it seems Republicans have succeeded in their ever going mission of hate. The proposal died, with no council member (except for Jewel Hurtado who sponsored it) supporting it. These other 4 council members said that while they “support” the LGBTQ+ community, they felt that recognizing June as Pride Month and flying the Pride Flag is unacceptable.

“Part of unity in Kingsburg is we all need to support each other. Not one group above another.”

Mayor Laura North

That’s horseshit. Flying the LGBTQ+ flag is in no way divisive; it’s about diversity. And how would recognizing the LGBTQ+ community be putting one group above another? What’s the group in question that would that would be undervalued anyway? Heterosexuals? Homophobes? Bigots? Is it a sin to acknowledge a community that has historically been systemically oppressed and silenced?

Oh look! The horror! The flag of division! How can we possibly bring about unity?

On top of those ill informed opinions, they claimed that they don’t need another flag other than the American and Californian flag… Except they also fly a Swedish flag (dun dun dun), complete with a full blown Swedish Festival that takes place in May. Republicans can celebrate instilling hypocrisy and cowardice into these council members. Selma on the other hand, at least, has approved their own Pride Month; they will celebrate their first pride ever.

Source: Fresno Bee