Devin Nunes’ Cow evolves

While Devin Nunes has continued his devolution, spitting on millions of years of human evolution, his ‘cow’ has grazed beyond Devin Nunes’ fake farm pastures. Devin Nunes’ Cow (she/her) is a satirical Twitter handle that mostly mocked Nunes, a very mockable person. While Nunes was in office as a “representative”, he filed a string of defamation lawsuits against pretty much anyone that he didn’t like, including his cow.

A Cow Poke on Tuck

Unfortunately, you can’t sue a cow (his lawyer simply couldn’t locate the cow and thus couldn’t serve her). But now the cow is more than just a satirical Twitter handle; she has founded a PAC (or shall I say herd?). COW PAC backs democratic candidates, and its Twitter handle, COW PAC, mocks Republicans with a ‘punchy political snark’.