Troublemaker is a wine from the Hope Family Winery and is based in Paso Robles in the southern central coast of California. Hope has five brands and Troublemaker is one of those five specifically belonging to Austin Hope. As the wine’s name would suggest, it is indeed a troublesome and wild wine. It is also non-vintage, meaning that its grapes are not of a specific year. Instead, it consists of all five Rhône grape varieties: Syrah, Petite Syrah, Granche, Mourvedre, and Zinfandel. The Rhône refers to the Rhône wine region (in the Rhône valley) of Southern France. These five wine varieties are aged (15-27 months) in French and American oak barrels and harvested at different dates. Troublemaker is a jungle full of complex of flavors and smells with each bottle never exactly the same. It is overall a dry wine and is smoky, peppery, and savory and accompanied with the slightly sweeter notes of chocolate, caramel, and black cherry.

Austin Hope with his own bottle of Syrah.