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What a difference five years can make

Remember when the Obama administration lit up the White House in rainbow colors for Pride month in 2015? Remember when diversity and inclusion were something that we strove and worked towards? Elections matter folks. We simply must take back the White House. It’s bad enough we elected and unqualified, racist, narcissist with dictatorial tendencies to the highest office in the land. In less than 5 months we will be headed to the polls again and we must, as a nation, course correct. Our democracy is under attack and long standing, cherished institutions are being weakened at their foundation each and every week.

We are at war. We are at war with the foreign power that put their thumb on the scale in 2016 in an effort to put their preferred candidate in office. Russia has invaded our country and to think about it in any other terms is to not bring to bear the right mindset to the biggest threat our country has ever seen. We are also at war internally. Factions of white supremist organizations and racist sentiment have seemingly been boiling under the service for a while now. Perhaps it better put that old Confederacy never really went away. I think maybe they have just been shifting arenas, and strategies, and strongholds ever since the Civil War.

In the words of Barack Obama…