The Tower Quartet

The Tower Quartet is a stringed instrument quartet composed of four young looking musicians. They played at an event last Saturday that took place on the grounds of Community United Church of Christ, a progressive Christian church. It was outdoor with social distancing and mask wearing, with the quartet situated in the front. It was a nice atmosphere, as most of the people who attended haven’t had physical social contact with other humans in quite a while. The musicians themselves haven’t performed in quite a while as well (though they performed greatly).

A more spacious shot, showing you how far everyone is from the quartet.

The only hiccup with the event is how cold it was outside, and as the sun set, the temperature drop actually interrupted the performers a couple of times, as they had to retune their instruments. Next time I attend such a event, I’ve gotta remember to bring a blanket, or hope for a portable fire pit! Be sure to check out the Tower Quartet’s website for more information, and Community UCC if you already haven’t (By the way, they do zoom church services, and stream from YouTube or Facebook).