This is what leadership looks (and does not look) like

As we creep toward breaking the 100,000 lives lost mark there couldn’t be a more haunting and stark contrast between our incompetent president and our future leader. The Donald has mismanaged and fumbled this crisis and our pandemic response so horribly we have literally lost more American lives than we needed to. Adherence to the most basic and simple recommendations that we know save lives and thwart the spread of this virus has been anathema to this charlatan. He is not a leader, in fact, he was NEVER a leader but rather a snake oil salesman that hood winked the Republican party and voters. He cheated his way into the Oval office with the help of a hostile foreign government and has proven himself, over and over again, derelict in his duties. He has botched our pandemic response so badly he is a walking and talking (and lying) clear and present danger to our country.

Joe Biden on the other hand has the experience and temperament to run circles around The Donald and his entire inept, racist, woman hating, dictatorial regime. Words matter. Science and experts matter. Facts matter. Optics…matter. If pictures are worth a thousands words then let Americans up and down the Central Valley, up and down the great and mighty state of California, and across all 50 states take heed to the stories this Emperor has told us over and over and over again. I used to know a man who used to say, “If it walks like a duck, and swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck. Guest what? It’s a DUCK!!!” We need a president and a cabinet and an administration that is up to the challenge of leading this country out of this crisis and into a better and brighter future. I think Joe Biden is that leader and he definitely has my vote come November.

If you’d like to know about Joe Biden you can visit his official campaign site after the jump.