Tijuana Sweet Heat Tequilla review

Tijuana Sweet Heat Tequilla is a golden tequilla mixed with some agave nectar. In this, it is similar to Fireball Whiskey; a whiskey that is imbued with spicy cinnamon syrup. The kick in Sweet Heat mostly comes from the tequilla itself; borrowing some spice from the oak barrels it is stored or aged in (this also gives tequilla a golden hue).

Sweet Heat is definitely not something I would add to a standard margarita mix, as it would be far too syrupy and sweet. But for a skinny margarita mix, Sweet Heat would give it a thicker texture and some sweetness to balance out the acidic lime and the aftertaste of zero calorie sweeteners. It also pairs quite well with zero calorie sodas such as Pepsi and Coke; a fusion of great flavors.

The flavored tequilla gets a 10/10 from me. It is not too syrupy in consitency (unlike Fireball, in which you can see the syrup sink to the bottom of the glass), and the tequilla component of Sweet Heat definitely appears to be real, meaning it likely won’t give you a nasty hangover (unlike Jose Cuervo, a fake tequlla brand).

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