Today is Veterans Day

We hold our veterans in reverence for their courage, their sacrifice and their honor and service to their fellow Americans. Our nation owes a debt of gratitude. We can never repay to those who have chosen to answer the call to arms. Today we honor them and thank them for their service, for their dedication, to our nation’s preservation and for their oath to the constitution on which the foundation of our government rests. On this veterans day we ask all Americans to honor the over 18 million veterans among us and thank them for their continued dedication to our country, our freedom and our future.

Trump has proven time again and again he has no regards for human life, be it the military, the victims of COVID-19, or the families he tore apart. Today will hopefully be the last time this president gets to disrespect, desecrate, and insult the heroes of this nation, the military. As someone who is supposed to be the Commander in Chief, it is sickening to imagine him using the military just to stroke his ego. Trump thinks of our veterans as losers. Even with McCain in the grave, Trump’s ego still refuses to honor the war hero, calling McCain a loser for getting captured. Trump has even gone as far to claiming he will sic our military against civilians to “stop violent protests”. On January 20th, I think we can all look forward to seeing this intruder removed from the White House.