In clear and very public victory for the LGBTQ+ community in Fresno, the City Council voted to step in and purchase the historic Tower Theatre. Protestors, who have been gathering religiously every Sunday to voice their opposition to conservative Adventure Church buying it, celebrated the vote.

Save Tower Theatre Fresno deserves a lot of credit for their diligence and determination in taking the mantle of keeping this issue front and center with civil protest action and facts and credible information since 2020. Here is a snapshot of what they have been about throughout this saga…

We’re a group of concerned supporters representing all facets of our community who oppose the change in use and subsequent necessary rezoning of the Tower Theatre – the heart, center and namesake of our beloved neighborhood – by an evangelical Foursquare church. Our informal group is made up of residents, artists, business owners, and non-profit organizers who value and love our unique district and are determined to help maintain its economic and cultural integrity. We are working tirelessly to support the neighborhood stakeholders – especially the business owners and homeowners – who will suffer greatly from this change in the traditional use of the Tower Theatre exclusively as a commercial, performing arts venue.