Village idiot Devin Nunes retains his seat…sigh

At the very least, the results were somewhat close. But come on, I’m astonished that after several years of this idiot, that District 22 voters still think he’s fit to represent them. He literally does nothing except sue everybody for hurting his tiny pp ego, and catching the attention of the press by his sheer stupidity and mindless Trump dovotion. Frankly, I’m sick of having good for nothing politicians with a few working braincells being the reason why people (especially our own fellow Californians) want to stay as far away from the Central Valley.

He thinks he’s so important that he is convinced Twitter is blackmailing him by reducing his traffic because of his “truthful” [lies] tweets attacking Biden. Oh Nunes, you’re not getting that much attention right now because we have real issues that are bigger than you, such as, the 2020 presidential election. I know you compete for daddy Trump’s attention just like Trump’s forgotten, Erik, but its futile. Trump doesn’t care about anyone, not even himself.