Virtual pride video from 2021

Last summer, Fresno Rainbow Pride held its second annual virtual pride celebration because of COVID-19. As the tidal wave that was omicron subsides and recedes from our lives my thoughts are beginning to turn towards June 2022 and our local rainbow pride. I found this livestream of the event and it made me smile. The event was hosted by local drag queen Leilani Price and it’s definitely worth the watch.

In what seems eerily prophetic about the pending 30th anniversary pride event I found this from two years ago on the Fresno Rainbow Pride website…

The Big 30th annual LGBTQ Pride Parade and Festival is not cancelled; it is only on hold for the time being and will happen as soon as it is appropriate and safe to gather in big numbers. The 30th Pride parade will happen on a future date, even if that means waiting till next year, Saturday, June 4, 2022. All funds we have so far raised will be set aside for that date to arrive. We are asking our Pride Partners to stand with us as we move forward with the future in mind. We will all get through this together and we will celebrate our lives and Pride in an awesome day of celebration.

Jeffery Robinson, Community Link, Inc.

Fingers crossed for Fresno Rainbow Pride 2022!