Visalia Unified recognizes June as Pride Month

VUSD had faced some difficulty last year, as one of the board members, Chris Pope directed discriminatory comments towards Ben Cummins, resulting in Pope’s resignation. That same year the city also recognized October as pride month. Cummins had floated the idea of the board recognizing June as pride month that year, but it was ignored until just last week. The Visalia Unified School District has officially recognized June as pride month, an important step to acknowledging and protecting LGBTQ+ kids (and employees) within the school district. This proclamation is powerful considering Devin Nunes previously ‘represented’ a portion of Visalia, as well as the KKK’s legacy in Visalia (white supremacists and Republicans are totally in bed when it comes to being homophobic). This can be a big step to hopefully seeing the Central Valley in its entirety becoming more hospitable to LGBTQ+ people, not just a few cities within.

Cummins describes Pope’s comments, which led to an investigation and his resignation.

Of course there’s opposition to this proclamation, but you’re likely doing the right thing if Republican minded people get riled up. A ‘parent’ stated:

“I see it as a violation of our religious beliefs. LGBTQ kids are not being forced to wear crosses, or show or respect our faith and beliefs. It’s very concerning and upsetting and there’s a whole bunch of us that are just ready to homeschool now”

Via The Sun Gazette

First of all, LGBTQ+ people are NOT a faith, a religion, an idea, an agenda, they’re people, and people that have historically and still face difficulties/persecution not experienced by heterosexuals. The nerve for the parent to suggest homeschooling to indoctrinate and distill their kid with hate, stupidity, and ignorance is a troubling response to LGBTQ+ people just wanting to be safe and equal. Woe to people that refuse to see us as human beings.