Word of the day: Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy, a ‘Californian’ house representative (and the current minority leader), is one of many in the legion of central valley Trumpidiots, such as Devin Nunes and David Valadao. Anyways, I’ve no doubt that it is common consensus that Republicans are today’s Sadducees and Pharisees — super hypocrites. McCarthy is no exception. McCarthy previously criticized Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Governor Gavin Newsom for being seen without masks and attending some sort of gathering. Only a month later (December), he attends his son’s maskless wedding.

Not only us he a hypocrite, he’s tone deaf and blind to his extensive privilege.

At that time, wedding receptions were banned, with wedding ceremonies requiring masks to be worn at all times (The wedding was also in San Luis Obispo County, which also had strict COVID-19 policies due to being purple category). Other than virtually no COVID-19 guidelines being followed, I can’t help but notice that the wedding clearly shows how disconnected McCarthy is from reality, but then again, his Republican colleagues and constituents are all that way; stuck in the MAGA-Verse.

So McCarthy attacks Pelosi for not wearing a mask, and attacks Newsom for attending a gathering, yet, here he is doing BOTH those things.