Devin Nunes is leaving Congress at the end of the month!

Pop the corks of the champagne and get your democratic party hats! Devin Nunes has announced that he is retiring and his departure will be effective at the end of THIS MONTH…December 2021.

This is no joke folks. This is not hyperbole this is REAL. Who says God doesn’t work miracles anymore?

We can really win this race and bring Democratic representation to the Central Valley for the first time in almost two decades. But MAGA Republicans are sure to come out of the woodwork to keep this seat red and CRUSH our Democratic House Majority.

Phil Arballo, Democratic Candidate for CA-22

Phil Arballo is a Latino, a Central Valley native, a father, and a husband. He’s running for Congress in California’s 22nd District against Devin Nunes — a far-right, MAGA Republican who has turned his back on Central Valley families for two decades. Phil is a champion for real working families and will fight to protect health care access, keep guns out of the wrong hands, and stand up to traitorous Republicans who are working to ruin our Democracy.