Body found in canals near The Outlets at Tejon

If you’ve ever headed South from the central valley down to the I-5 or the 99, chances are you’ve seen or visited the Outlets at Tejon, with Bakersfield being the closest major city to it, and is also just a few miles away from the infamous stretch of the highway known as the Grapevine (or Tejon Pass). Just one kilometer south of it is a canal. As if this was a scene from a serial killer film, a body was found in the water. An investigation is ongoing with virtually no details available. Shockingly, another dead body (a missing woman) was found in a Fresno canal recently. In Bakersfield last year in January a man was found dead in a canal in Bakersfield. Human remains were also discovered later in January of this year. Feeling a little spooked here, Central Valley.

Featured image my own work. Source: KGET (NBC)

OnePlus 5T for sale

If you’ve never heard of Oneplus, they are a smartphone company that churns out really cost effective phones with decent specs. The OnePlus 5T was announced in 2017. It is a global, dual sim smartphone with impressive specs that still makes it quite the performer. And yes it has a headphone jack. It is in fair condition. Everything works of course and there are absolutely no cracks. There is some noticeable physical damage is to the corners, however. You be the judge of that in the pictures below.

Front side

If you’re tech savvy, it has a Snapdragon 835 processor. It has an octacore CPU with great graphics and 8 (yes, 8) gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of fast UFS 2.1 storage. The screen is 1080 by 2160 and is AMOLED, with very little burn in. The cameras are quite capable; both 16 megapixels. It has done me justice for as long as I’ve owned it. This phone comes with free delivery in Fresno and surrounding area.

Back side.

Check out my pictures I’ve taken to see the 5T’s camera quality. We just lowered the price today to $200. If you’re interested you can reach us directly at lgbtq @ gay central valley dot com.

Taken with OnePlus 5T

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Crazy anti-mask Trump supporters attack a Fresno Trader Joe’s

So, Trump supporters a few days ago decided to ‘protest’ mandatory mask requirements at a Trader Joe’s. They assaulted employees and blockaded the entrance to the building, preventing everyone else from shopping or working, all while not wearing masks. First of all Trump supporters don’t shop Trader Joe’s and it’s highly unlikely they ever will. Trader Joe’s customer base are mostly Democratic, and if you’ve ever been inside a trader joe’s, their large selection of healthy, non-gmo, organic, fair trade, gluten free, <feel free to conjure up more buzz words here>, is more than enough to discourage any Trump supporter.

These people are interfering with a business’s operation and everyone else’s simply because they are triggered by the mask mandate at a place they will never shop at! (Did it not occur to them that they don’t even have to shop there?). To make this worse, Fresno’s Police did nothing, proving themselves as absolutely useless. They were present at the scene, witnessing everything these Trumpites were doing. No arrests, no warnings, no charges, nothing that would deter the violence.

In Fresno PD’s uselessness, Trader Joe’s actual had to close down that location. If this is going to be standard procedure with Fresno PD, they need to be, dare I say, defunded. Fresno PD made it clear they won’t enforce any policies in relation to COVID-19 (suggesting that Fresnans use their better judgement. Unfortunately, probably 40% of Fresnans think COVID-19 is a hoax, and are very much responsible for Fresno’s horrifying COVID-19 statistics), but it’s quite clear that there were crimes committed not related to COVID-19, as the Trumpites again, assaulted people and blockaded Trader Joe’s.

Now, these people have actually celebrated the attention they’ve gained from their sickening deeds, and, this ‘protest’ was coordinated by a Facebook group titled Coalition for Individual Liberties; yeah right. Maybe after COVID-19 is over and masks aren’t mandatory anymore, they’ll exercise their “God Given Individual (sic) liberties” to not wear seatbelts and uninstall the airbags in their vehicles. I’m linking their group not to promote their trash, but so they you may 1) Be aware of the people in the group. Maybe you’ll see friends you haven’t seen in years in this group. 2) Report them, if Facebook gives a damn (they will soon if groups like these start ramping up their violence).