Devin Nunes’ Last Day!

Devin Nunes had previously announced he would leave his position in the house at the end of the year; thank you Nunes for the New Year’s gift! He is leaving for two reasons: The redistricting of California renders Nune’s power obsolete, and he thinks he’s getting a significant promotion by becoming the CEO of “Trump Media & Technology Group”

Media and technology is everything Trump and his supporters aren’t, to be frank. Anyways, when Nunes officially resigns, the special election for his seat should begin. Our Governor, Gavin Newsom, will issue a proclamation of election, in which the election is scheduled at least 126 days from when he resigns, likely on May 7th.

1 thought on “Devin Nunes’ Last Day!”

  1. Good riddance. He’s been a stain on the political landscape of our great state for far, far too long.

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