E & J Brandy V.S.

E & J Brandy is a distillery based in the Central Valley (Modesto). E & J makes various brandies, but their most common (and original) is the V.S. (Very Special) Brandy.

“The OG in our lineup. E&J VS entered the brandy scene back in 1975 and has been a fan favorite ever since. With refreshing hints of apple, toasted oak and vanilla, VS is perfect for sipping straight or mixing up.”

For those that like Cognac, Cognac is just brandy made in Cognac, France, which I guess makes it really expensive for the sake of name, kind of like with Apple’s macs and iPhones. E & J’s VS Brandy is indeed a bit spicy with a little of a kick, so it’s not intended to be as smooth to a pricey bottle of Hennesy. But it really does go well with sodas (7-up, Pepsi, Coke).