FCC History teacher does not mess around lol

My Fresno City College US History teacher did not even attempt to entertain white supremacist excuses and myths when it came to what the Civil War was about. And honestly, it’s just that easy and not even something you have to waste your neurons on. Unless you’re a white supremacist, and those who rely on white supremacist support and ideology to remain relevant (that is, today’s Republicans).

White supremacy has always been one the ugliest heads of America, from fueling the Civil War, to denying rights and inflicting violence on non-white people. It also served as copium via the so called “Lost Cause” myth. I remember my time as a child in a Texas public school, and the history books may not have had explicitly white supremacist tendencies, but it never attempted to state that the Civil War was fought over slavery. Ignoring or omitting America’s hideous parts of history only fuels white supremacy.

One doesn’t necessarily have to think themselves (or explicitly be) white supremacist to be one; entertaining and believing in the myths is just enough. I had a friend that was seemingly great, until he reacted to the statement the Civil War was about slavery. He may not wear a white hood, or act racist, but he is unwittingly enabling white supremacy. It’s hilarious that those supporting keeping Confederate statues and symbolism up claim it’s to not forget US history, yet, their real intent is to rewrite it.

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