Fresno City Council to buy Tower Theatre

After nearly two years of drama between the vile homophobic Adventure Church and local Tower businesses, residents and denizens, it seems that it may come to an end, at least, with AC’s plans to infiltrate the Tower District ruined. After having been pressured from community leaders, the Fresno City Council has finally made a decision in a 4-3 ruling, with Councilmembers Soria, Esparza, Maxwell, and Arias for, and Councilmembers Chavez, Karbassi, and Bredefeld against.

2 thoughts on “Fresno City Council to buy Tower Theatre

  1. When is the next Gay Pride Day in Fresno? In 2022? Thanks. Jeanette

    1. According to the Rainbow Pride website the date is June 4, 2022.

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