Modesto anti-gay “straight pride rally” clash

An anti-LGBTQ “Straight Pride Rally” in Modesto was interrupted by counter protesters and later shutdown by police.

Let’s clear, especially for those who are unfamiliar with this type of dynamic, straight pride celebrations are smoke and mirror events aimed at deflecting from reality. These events are often used as a platform to push homophobic views and demean the very real struggles of the LGBTQ+.

Heterosexuals, as a general rule, have never been barred from marrying who they love. Heterosexuals have no frame of reference for working a 9-5 job and living in fear that you’d lose that job if people found out you were gay. Straight have no idea what feels like to grow up with the very real fear that you can lose your family, your church, or your life if you decide to come out and live your life openly and honestly.

It’s still perfectly legal to terminate an employee for being gay. It’s still an issue if you are LGBTQ+ and want to donate blood. After all, we only got the right to marry last decade. Gay pride marches and festivals help the LGBTQ+ community celebrate our history, the rights we have managed to win, and helps gird us for the battles still ahead.

Put that in your so-called “straight pride” pipe…and smoke it.