Unsafe college campuses for LGBTQ+ students

Check out this story from USA TODAY that came out (no pun intended) last month: It’s a list of the ‘most unsafe’ college campuses across the nations for LGBTQ students. Campus Pride, an organization seeking to provide a safer college environment for LGBTQ students, released a list of 180 unsafe campuses.

Of course, the Central Valley made the list because of the long-time homophobic Fresno Pacific University.

1 thought on “Unsafe college campuses for LGBTQ+ students”

  1. Really wish every organization, person, and business would do as much as possible to distance itself from FPU. The idea of promoting a homophobic university is one thing, but a homophobic “Christian university”? This would imply that all Christians or Christian universes are okay with homophobia, (which thankfully, isn’t true).

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