Vaccines required for in-person church activities beginning 1-16

Proof of vaccination required for in-person church activities beginning Jan. 16th at Community United Church of Christ in Fresno, California. Click the link below to read the official letter from this welcoming and inclusive congregation. For those of you who don’t know, inclusive congregations welcome LGBTQ people of faith with open arms.

Community UCC will require proof of full vaccination for all persons to attend in-person church activities – including the Sunday worship service – beginning Jan. 16. The Council voted to do this to protect the health of our members and guests as the Omicron variant of COVID-19 rapidly spreads.

A meeting about this requirement is scheduled for this Sunday, Jan. 9, in the Sanctuary after worship.

Here are answers to some questions we anticipate about the new requirement:

Q. What does it mean to be fully vaccinated?
A. You must have received both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or the one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine PLUS a booster for all the vaccines, if you are eligible.

Q. When am I eligible for a booster?
A. The CDC now says people who received the Pfizer vaccine can get a booster five months after their second dose. It was previously six months, but the CDC updated its recommendation on Jan. 4. The interval for Moderna remains six months, according to the CDC. It is two months for Johnson & Johnson.

Q. What if I haven’t received my booster by Jan. 16?
A. Folks in this situation can come to worship that Sunday but will have to show proof of receiving the booster when they come to worship on Jan. 23.

Q. How will I show proof of full vaccination?
A. Folks can show proof in two ways.

  1. Take a photo of your vaccination card with your phone and send the photo to Marilyn in the church office. Her email is
  2. Show your card at a special table we’ll set up in the breezeway.

Q. Will I have to show my card every Sunday?
A. No – not after you show full proof of vaccination.

Q. What about first-time visitors who don’t know about this requirement?
A. They can visit without proof of vaccination but will be required to show proof of vaccination when they return.

Q. What about children under 5?
A. They may attend because they currently aren’t eligible for vaccination.
We’re making one change about the nursery. Drop off will now take place at the outside door. Nursery workers must have received their booster.

Q. Will we continue to wear masks and maintain social distancing?
A. Yes, those practices remain important.

Q. Why not go back to Zoom services? That would make proof of vaccination unnecessary.
A. As long as possible, we must keep our doors open so new folks can join us. Growth in membership is vital to the long-term viability of CUCC.

Please plan to attend the informational meeting on Sunday, Jan. 9. We welcome other questions plus comments you might have.

Q. What if I can’t attend the Jan. 9 meeting but have a question or comment?
A. Send them to Felicia Rocha ( and she’ll read them at the meeting.