When will Fresno’s aquarium come into being?

Yes, Fresno has an an aquarium, which has been a work in progress for years. It broke ground in 2016, off a field by Highway 99 and Herndon Ave/Parkway Dr. A basement that will house the aquaculture operations would be the first step in building the aquarium (if they had the money, that is). Since then, not much has happened. But once completed, it would be a boon for the Central Valley.

The building would be operated by the Aquarius Aquarium Institute, whose current work focuses instead on teaching the community and students (such as those from CART, which is how I even know there’s an aquarium in the works). Below is their mission.

Aquarius Aquarium Institute was founded on January 3, 2000 to foster respect, understanding and conservation of the world’s aquatic ecosystems through educational programs, interpretive exhibits, scientific research and aquarium propagation of aquatic species.

Our programs not only benefit our historically underserved region, but also promote awareness and appreciation of the interdependence of our land, rivers and the ocean in our diverse inland population. The Institute also advocates for solutions to challenges facing our riparian, coastal and marine resources.